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Ethereum GPU Mining – A Few Good Tips

Mining for Ethereum’s Ether has become a major problem and is getting advanced with all other users gradually beginning with it. Even when there are guides to help you, there are several challenges that one may get into for instance mining pool sometimes starts to reject your connections. This has been a case with Ethpool miners as well, when Ethpool began to reject connections, resulting in users beginning to utilize new addresses and not getting approval for it. At the same time, all other older miners are allowed to continue. No wonder that with solo mining, rewards can be extensively high, but the challenges that miners undergo are also high. If you have been fortunate enough, solo mining can earn you significant rewards. However, this is never a good idea to solo mining with CPU as the hash rate remains low and you might need a bit of a luck to carry through. Ethereum GPU mining hardware can help you obtain the best of your mining efforts.

Ethereum GPU Mining
Ethereum GPU Mining

A great tip to overcome the issues of low hash rate is by deleting the DAG files that are generated at the beginning when you run Ethminer. At times, you play with different miner settings, it may be likely that some DAG files may not work well, deleting them will often make the process smooth. Also, re-generate them with new settings to bring back the actual performance. Therefore, in case, the hash rate drops, the pool reports a little fraction of what your hash rate should generally be. Delete the DAG files and generate them again. In case you want to see the needed folders, enable the showing of hidden system files if you haven’t enabled them yet. Use Ethereum GPU mining to your best advantage.

When it comes to buying miner, there are several stores online that sell Ethereum GPU mining hardware online and you can shop anyone after having a look at the various options that are available on the online stores.


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