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Antminer D3 For Sale – Enhance Your Knowledge about Antminer D3

Do you want start Bitcoin mining? The popularity of cryptocurrency is growing day by day. When it come mining equipment, Bitmian has built up a great reputation. To mine their favourite cryptocurrencies, no one is ready to use a small system with so many graphics cards. This gave rise to the use of powerful ASIC mining hardware for Bitcoin, Litecoin etc. Bitcoin mining is growing so Coinminer has given you an opportunity to buy Antminer D3 for sale.

Antminer D3 Online
Antminer D3 Online

The hash power of the Antminer D3 is 15 GH/s. This power is really fast for the dash. Currently, the hashing power of the Dah is 11.25 TH/s. The 15 GH/s power does not make any difference but it is more than the use of graphics card sets used by people. Antminer D3 consumes 1200 watts of power which makes it a power consuming ASIC hardware. However, when its hash rate is compared with the power consumption, then this device is fairly efficient. With Antminer D3, you will get 180-days warranty which starts from its shipping date.

Antminer D3 Dash mining hardware works perfectly at a different ambient temperature and does not need extensive cooling. It comes with a dual fan and ample heat-sinks. Through these things, it does not heat up. It has a beautiful interface and it is to set up Antminer D3. Even the inexperienced miners can easily set it up within minutes. Diu to the popularity of Dash, the demand for Antminer D3 is great. Now, you can buy Antminer D3 For Sale. This will let you save a lot of money and also you can mine Bitcoins, Litecoins, and other Cryptocurrencies.

Antminer D3 is a powerful ASIC mining hardware. It is sleek, silent and powerful. So, order now and be a mining pro with Antminer D3.